I am a Indian, finishing my Phd in Netherlands. I am married to an Indian who at the moment lives in India.

I have been offered a scientific research position (PostDoc) at a university in Paris starting March 2017. I checked online, and it seems that I should apply for 'Long Stay Visa for Scientific-Researcher'. I will be applying to the French embassy in Brussels (which does Visa work for Netherlands) in the coming days.

My main question: (1) Can my wife simultaneously apply for a spouse visa in India as well. If this is possible, what documents would she need?

As far as I understand, I need a 'Convention d’Accueil' (hosting agreement) from the employing university for my visa application. (2) Does my wife need this document for her visa application as well?

(3) Would she need any other documents from my employer?

(4) A final question regarding my own visa application. The hard copy of my marriage certificate is with my wife. Would I need this hard copy for my visa application at Brussels, or would scanned documents be sufficient for the application?

I tried to contact the French consulate in Brussels, but they do not accept phone calls for Visa purposes. I have written them an email but I am hoping that someone here can provide me with some insight.