Three questions could explain better my situation:

  1. How far Banff is from Calgary and if it's worth the detour, how to get there, are there any activities to do, and how much is it?
  2. I will be staying in Toronto and want to know how far are the Niagara Falls and how to get here (suggestions on other places to visit is open).
  3. I will be staying from 9th to 16 on Calgary and 17th till 22 in Toronto; how do you recommend I distribute my activities on those time lapses?

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Banff is about 90 minutes from Calgary, and is worth visiting if you're not going to be back in Calgary anytime soon.

The normal list of Calgary attractions:

  • Calgary Zoo
  • Canada Olympic Park
  • Spruce Meadows
  • Telus World of Science
  • Fort Calgary

More information: http://www.calgaryattractions.com/

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