I just learned about this app that lets US citizens fill their customs form and submit it from their phones. I looked on CBSA's website but couldn't find anything similar.

Is there a way for frequent (and impatient) travelers to Canada to submit their customs forms faster than with the current paper form ?



From the Canadian Border Services Agency:

NEXUS is designed to speed up border crossings for low-risk, pre-approved travellers into Canada and the United States (U.S.). It is jointly run by the Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

To apply, you can visit the official webiste.


Indeed, nexus lines go fast. The nexus card does make a big difference. The idea that it’s comparable to the mobile passport is pretty humerous though. Nexus applications must be downloaded and printed, filled out, then faxed; plus, It costs $138. The mobile passport took a minute to download, another to upload the passport, another to add travel Info and it was entirely free. Pretty amazing speed up as we travelled in!

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