Now that you can no longer buy tickets for Machu Picchu at the gate to regulate quotas, how can one buy a ticket for children?

The official Machu Picchu site says that children 8 and under a free and that older ones pay student price but the interface only has two options: National Adults and Foreign Adults.

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This Ticket Machu Pichu site appears to allow online allows purchase of tickets for children (8-17 years old student rate), noting that you send a copy of their passport or identify document for verification.

Scroll down to the note: Children between 8-17 years have student rate. Send a copy of your passport or identity document. Children under 8 are free.

  • Is that for real? Looks like a rip-off. The official Adult price is $38 USD for foreigners and $19 USD for Andean members while that site has foreign students for $37 and Andean for $27, so their student rate is higher than the official adult rate!
    – Itai
    Oct 4, 2016 at 1:42

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