Is Rocamadour rail station near the city centre? Can I go to visit Rocamadour by train, or do I need a car for it?

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As you may have worked out, Rocamadour the town and Rocamadour the station are separate entities. In fact, they're about 3-4km apart, depending on whether you trust Wikipedia or other websites.

Wikitravel points out that there's only one road in and out of the town.

Arguably then, since it's only 3-4km away, you could get off the train, walk 200m north along La Gare road, and look to hitch west along the D673 road into town. Or just walk it - it's only 3-4km, and shouldn't take you more than an hour with bags. There may even be taxis from the station - the trains won't come that often, and the taxi drivers will be aware that people need a ride, and perhaps you could share a cab with someone else getting off the train or even get a ride with them, if they're going into town.

So to answer your question - as long as you're happy 'winging it' once you get there, and are possibly prepared to walk for a little while in the French countryside, then yes, it's totally possible to visit by train.

  • Thanks, indeed I've contacted the tourist office, and they confirmed there are taxies only.
    – aneuryzm
    Commented Jun 26, 2012 at 7:36
  • you could post that as an answer, if you like!
    – Mark Mayo
    Commented Jun 26, 2012 at 7:39

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