I was flying domestic with Delta last Friday. Boarding was done before pilot noticed the flat tire. Estimated repair time was 4 hours. I had a connection in ATL and there was no way I could make that because it was the last flight out of ATL for the day. Delta offered for passengers to wait 4 hours till they repair or reschedule to a later flight for no extra fee.
I got my trip rescheduled to the first flight the following Saturday morning because I didn't want to get stuck in ATL that night.
Question: Am I entitled to any other compensation due to their delay?


Retroactively, most probably no*. If were not based at the origin, you maybe could have gotten accommodations and meals since it was a mechanical failure. In that case, they might have preferred you take the original flight and overnight in ATL.

*While not 'compensation' in the same class as Europe, it is common for customers in such situations to get some miles bonused to their account by writing to Customer Service.

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  • Thanks, I'll follow up with Customer Service and see what they say. – Meta747 Sep 27 '16 at 16:58
  • Almost a full month after the date of travel, Delta responded with 9500 bonus SkyMiles credit to the account. Thanks @johns-305 for the answer. – Meta747 Oct 21 '16 at 17:04

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