Today/yesterday, I had a multi-leg flight going IAD-CPH-AMS (Washington Dulles International Airport - Copenhagen Airport - amsterdam Airport Schiphol). I had a connection time of one hour in CPH, which is more than enough according to the CPH airport website. At IAD, technical issues delayed departure by more than an hour, causing me to miss my original connection.

The airline rebooked me on a later flight to AMS (departure at 12:35 instead of 08:15), and when I went to the CPH transfer center to get my new boarding pass, they also gave me meal vouchers.

Did accepting the vouchers cause me to give up my rights to EU flight delay compensation (4+ hour delay on a transatlantic itinerary) because the vouchers are compensation too?

UPDATE 27-9-2016:
The airline just told me that my EU 261/2004 claim has been approved, and that the full €600 compensation is on its way to me. So now we've got official confirmation that meal vouchers don't exclude you from the monetary compensation.


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You were given meal vouchers because the EU air passenger rights regulations require the airline to provide "meals and refreshments in a reasonable relation to the waiting time" (regulation 261/2004, art. 9(1)(a)). This is in addition to any cash compensation the rules may also entitle you to.

So go ahead and make a claim for the delay.

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