I'm planning a long trip to Europe and looking for maps of its climate during various months. For example, a color map of average high temperatures over all of Europe (not just a particular city) in November. I'm having trouble finding a good source for this.

As a bonus, I'd love to be able to visualize the average rainfall as well.

  • I did check out the suggestions there. Some I had seen before. They both are happy to give you averages for a particular city but don't really give a feel for the region. I could look up city by city, month by month but there must be a better way. gate1travel.com/weather/europe is the best I've found so far but a visual version would be easier to work with.
    – rhaskett
    Sep 10 '16 at 22:06

You can find something like that here: http://eca.knmi.nl/download/ensembles/ensembles.php

There's a registration button, and below that a link to access the data. I'm not sure what will happen if you fail to register, as there's no username/password prompt. You might just be able to go straight in to look at the data, I'm not sure. I've registered so I'm not sure if I could test that.

Anyway, from that you'll see a link below the registration button in the 'Already a Registered User?' section. From there you'll find a link labeled "Visualize Daily Maps" leading here: http://eca.knmi.nl/utils/mapserver/eobs_maps_registered.php

The map is daily, not monthly, but it has the visualizations you're looking for.

  • This is pretty cool. It also has a link to the KNMI climate explorer which is much less pretty but will also do monthly time periods.
    – rhaskett
    Sep 19 '16 at 21:51

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