It seems I will have a few hours to spend at the landside of Budapest airport. There seems to be a cafe Edit: http://www.bud.hu/english/passengers/shopping_and_gastronomy/restaurants/flocafe-8131.html but I can't find information whether it has power outlets. Although I have Priority Pass, all the lounges are airside and the only landside lounge I was able to find is part of a VIP package and as such it has a rather high price http://cavok.co.hu/pdf/pricelist.pdf and is not included in Priority Pass.

  • That pdf mentions an airside lounge, doesn't it? – Berwyn Sep 6 '16 at 13:55
  • cavok.co.hu/index.php?module=shop&header=4 The Executive Lounge offers immediate, private check-in in the luxury environment of the Terminal 2B landside of Budapest Airport – chx Sep 6 '16 at 14:26

Having spent time at the cafe mentioned, I can tell you that it indeed does have power outlets and comfortable seating.

However, as it is the prominent cafe at check-in; it gets crowded quickly.

There is often a large line at the counter. If you are traveling with a partner, have one reserve a seat for you.


According to this sleeping in airports - review:

There are armless benches in landside and I have seen several people sleeping there, and fantastic cushioned sofas in the food court between 2A and 2B. The airport has free WIFI lots of plugs.

By "lots of plugs", I read power sockets.

  • Maybe Hungary is a bit different and provides the plugs but you have to bring your own outlet (-: – hippietrail Sep 7 '16 at 3:47

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