What is the shortest passenger route served by wide-body aircraft (i.e. B747, B777, A330, A340, A380 etc.), preferably on daily basis, preferably by Lufthansa (but any airline flying from Frankfurt will work for me).

The shortest one, I found, is FRA-IKA (Frankfurt-Teheran) direct flight with less than 5 hours of flying, served by Lufthansa on daily basis with B747.

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    I believe this was a temporary route: A380 from Frankfurt Airport to London Heathrow. You may search from Frankfurt to Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid as they are potential candidates.
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    Commented Aug 17, 2016 at 7:52
  • Question narrowed to A380 here.
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To my knowledge the shortest wide body scheduled passenger service from Frankfurt is the British Airways flight BA0903 to London Heathrow which is operated by a Boeing 767.

For a short time after the introduction of the A380 at BA, this route was served by an A380 to allow more crews to familiarize themselves with the aircraft in a short time.


LAN flies FRA-MAD route on a 787 with prices as low as 200-300 euro return in business.

In general, you could search with matrix using a one-way search such as:

Departing from: FRA::N / aircraft t:300 t:310 t:330 t:340 t:350 t:380 t:747 t:767 t:777 t:787
Destination: LON,PAR,GVA,MAD

Adjust according to desired aircraft and destination.

  • Trying to avoid making this a shopping question, but are you sure -- 2 euros return business class ticket sounds like something completely unbelievable to me. Far, far below cheapest cheap flight prices. Sounds like beating unbeatable Ryanair! :>
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    @trejder read as 2 to 3 hundred
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I could find this flight Kuwait Airways flight 175, an A330-200 flying from Geneva to Frankfurt on a 3 per week basis..

  • After opening a link, you have provided, I can clearly see that KAC175 is in fact Kuwait->Frankfurt->Geneva. So, it seems, you're only naming last leg of that route. Good question, if you can purchase a ticket only on this route?
    – trejder
    Commented Sep 8, 2016 at 20:08

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