I want to purchase a mobile prepaid SIM card in Seoul but I missed my chance at Incheon Airport as I arrived at the counter just 2 minites before it is closed.

So I tried purchasing it once I enter the city, but out of three major carriers, SK Telecom and LGU+ declined it since they cannot sell it for travellers. As to olleh, they sell but only a limited data plan. At the airport, they offer an unlimited plan so I declined it.

Also some of them encouraged me to purchase EG SIM which is sold at convenience stores, but since I hate 3G and it is not unlimited plan, it is not within my choices.

So my question is the following:

  • Can I still purchase it once I left the airport?

  • Can I go back to the airport just to purchase it? It is no longer the arrival date but does it have any problems?

  • If I can go back to purchase it at the airport, can I purchase it at Gimpo Airport, not Incheon, which I arrived at?

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Well, since it is near impossible for me to live without stable, high-speed mobile network with unlimited data and tethering, I tried going back to the airport just to purchase the SIM card.

Result? Yes, you can purchase it at the airport once you left it.

When I returned back to the airport and asked the counter, I didn't disclose that I haven't arrived at the purchase date. It seemed that she must check only the profile page (including a photo and ID) and didn't check out the arrival date.

Because I was so desperate for the SIM card and must avoid any potential flag, I went to Incheon, not Gimpo. So I don't know if it is possible to buy it at Gimpo, but from what I mentioned above, they seemed to not confirm it.


Well, according to this post, it seems that you can purchase it at another counter at Incheon International Airport even after it is over PM 10:00! Also, it seems available at Hongik University Station. I wish I knew it in advance...

If I have any chance to visit them down the road, I will update it again.

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