I am booking on Vueling and have chosen the Optima option, not the Basics one.

The Optima option allows me to have 23 kg on a checked bag, but I have two bags, one 27 kg and one 11 kg, and I want to buy extra weight.

When I want to buy the extra weight, they give me this screen (this is before selecting the extra weight)

enter image description here

As you see, the cost is zero and the allowed weight is 23kg, but after I select 2 suitcases (actually it is just one extra suitcase ), I get this screen

enter image description here

Having 46 kg is enough for me, but is there any strict limit on the number of bags as in Easyjet (see my previous question) or can I have as many bags as I want as long as the weight is less than 46 kg?

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Each bag has to be below 23kg.

From the Vueling website (click on "+ info" under the short text titled "I'm going to check in luggage"):

On flights operated by Vueling, each passenger can check in a maximum of 3 bags weighing up to 23kg per item. If the maximum allowance is exceeded, at the airport you will be charged €12 for each excess kilo per bag each way, up to a maximum of 32kg per bag each way.

And if you select two suitcases, you will only be allowed to check in two pieces, not more.

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