I have a valid UK visa from 15 june to 15 december and I have travelled once on that visa and I am in my resident country now and will travel to london in January but I willl leave my residence country in November. So, how can I get my UK visa done as for now my this visa is valid but by the time I will visit the UK in January my visa will be expired and also I can't get it as I won't be in my resident country.

Can I apply for new visa in October for travel in January while I have one of my visa valid.

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From the UK's pages for the standard visitor visa:

The earliest you can apply is 3 months before you travel.

Since you wish to travel in January, you can apply in October. Unless you're planning to travel to the UK in late January and to leave your country of residence in early November, you will probably have enough time to lodge your application.

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