I have journey to make from Delhi to Canada on a Canadian Student visa. I am an Indian Passport holder. My itinerary is Delhi to Zurich to Dublin to St. John's (Canada).

As far as I know Zurich (Switzerland) is a schengen country and Dublin (Ireland) is a non-schengen country.

My query is do I need a transit visa for the 8 hours (at Zurich) and 2 hours (at Dublin) layover periods in these countries?


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    OP's travel plans are now sorted out after private convos with me, just so everyone knows. OP ended up booking Delhi-Mumbai-London-St Johns. No immigration controls (baggage through-checked) although OP could clear UK immigration based on their Canadian visa – Crazydre Sep 2 '16 at 11:56

You do not Need a visa for either country. Like you wrote Switzerland is the only Schengen country, and Ireland is the only CTA country.

At Dublin, even when using the transit corridor, you will be checked by immigration, but you'll just present the passport and onward Boarding pass


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