I'm traveling (by plane) between 2 Schengen countries and want to transport several large big Hungarian Salami sausages in my hand luggage. Do I need to worry of any kind of possible hassle when passing airport security?

  • I can't speak to Schengen counties, but my wife and I brought a Hungarian salami back from our honeymoon in Budapest into the United States. We declared it on return and the customs official has no issues when inspecting our bags. Commented Aug 26, 2016 at 0:33
  • How large? How many? Which airports? (As an aside, I really feel like munching on some Hungarian sausage, with either palinka, or perhaps some fine Tokaj. Yum yum.)
    – MastaBaba
    Commented Aug 26, 2016 at 2:47

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I traveled with one big (~2ft) salami within EU, and seen people flying from Madrid with pretty big pieces of hamon in the carry-on luggage. Airport security didn't care about this at all.

However in your case it depends whether both countries are also in EU or not (some Schengen countries are non-EU, like Switzerland). If your destination country is not EU, you will have to clear customs on arrival, and it may not allow imports of meat products - check with the destination country, and be ready to declare it to customs.

If both countries are in EU, there are no customs then.

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