Reading the wikivoyage page on one of the areas of Dubai, I came across Hatta, an exclave of the Emirate of Dubai. Based on the mention on that page, and the photo on the stub Wikivoyage page for Hatta, it looks an interesting (and less hot!) place to visit

Unfortunately, the Hatta Wikivoyage page is (currently) a little vague on public transport options, as seem to be the Dubai pages. I'm not sure if my budget stretches to hiring a Dubai taxi for the whole day, and I don't have a car.

Is it practical to visit Hatta on a day trip from Dubai, by public transport? And if so, where would one go in Dubai to set off from? (Bonus marks for a timetable and prices if possible!)

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    I didn't in the end, but one of our party did. On the way out, they were the only one on the bus for the last 30 minutes! Apparently the scenery was amazing, but there wasn't that much they could do in Hatta without a car
    – Gagravarr
    Oct 17, 2016 at 6:09

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You can, but you should expect to spend many hours on the bus/train. The fare is 13-15 AED (2.7-3.1 GBP) each way. The train seems to be slightly faster, but it may also involve more connections.

I'll give an example trip. This trip is estimated to take roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes each way.

To Hatta

From The Dubai Mall 01, take Bus 28 in the direction of Lamcy Plaza. Get off at Oud Metha Metro.

From there, catch Bus E16 in the direction of Hatta. Get off at Hatta.


From Hatta Bus Station 01, take Bus E16 in the direction of Sabkha. Get off at Etisalat Head Office.

From Etisalat Head Office 1, take Bus 27 in the direction of the Dubai Mall. Get off at the Dubai Mall.

Travel planner

Don't use those particular instructions, though. It was just an example. Use this travel planner to get up-to-date times and the perfect route for you.

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