I'm looking at accommodation for an upcoming trip to Japan.

A room I'm looking at quotes a "semi-double bed", a size I've never heard of. I found this question asking about "twin beds", but the Wikipedia page on bed sizes it links to doesn't mention semi-doubles.

How big is a semi-double in Japan, and is it suitable for two people to sleep comfortably?

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    Typing "semi-double bed" into Bing netted me 120 cm wide where a "normal" double bed it 140 cm, and a single is 90 cm.
    – mkennedy
    Aug 10, 2016 at 12:35

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A Semi-double bed is around 120 to 140cm (47 to 55in), depending on the hotel.

As for it being suitable for two people, that depends on how close you are:

I shared a semi-double bed at Mystays Asakusa-Bashi with a friend. If it hadn't been my long time friend, I would have been very uncomfortable as you WILL end up touching/brushing the other person while sleeping, even if you don't move much.

Here's an image of such a bed in Asakusa-Bashi. The size here is 120cm.

enter image description here

If it's your significant other, you should be fine.

  • Using a 1.20 bed, I say that even with your loved one, if you do not prefer to sleep cuddling, it is just big enough or not big enough if you are big yourselves.
    – Willeke
    Aug 10, 2016 at 19:32

Semi-double is 120cm width, while double is 140cm, single is 100cm, and semi-single, which you rarely see is 80cm.

I don't know what @JSLavertu took the figure from, but usually the size of semi-double is 120cm, not 120cm to 140cm.

Although some people might sleep together, I don't recommend it. Especially if both are men, it is highly uncomfortable. Semi-double is created for those who want more space than single, and thus is suitable for only one person.

These pages are written in Japanese, but from a bed speciality store, which states that "semi-double is a size of 120cm width:

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    In the past, 120 beds were considered big enough for two adults or three kids, 5 if two were having their heads at the other end of the bed. Norms have changed and I have to agree that a 120 bed is perfect for a single person but loads of people will still be able to use it with two adults. And yes, I know what I am talking about, it was the size of my grand parents bed, my bed and the bed used by a friend and her husband.
    – Willeke
    Aug 14, 2016 at 11:43
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    @pnuts Yes but it is written in Japanese; anyway I'll add it when I go back.
    – Blaszard
    Aug 14, 2016 at 11:56
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    @pnuts I don't think government regulates it and there is no reason they should do. Though I shall not say it as official however, I edited it. But I haven't seen 130cm; it is all around 120cm, maybe +/- 1 or 2 cm margin might be accepted, though.
    – Blaszard
    Aug 14, 2016 at 15:50
  • @pnuts When did I criticize? I just mentioned it, though I disagree if he considers it up to 140cm. And please don't delete the comments so readily as others don't get what happens here.
    – Blaszard
    Aug 14, 2016 at 16:03
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    I got that figure from my own personal experience of sleeping in semi-double rooms for the two times I went to Japan in the last year. The semi-double beds ranged from 120 to 140cm. Hope that helps.
    – JS Lavertu
    Aug 15, 2016 at 1:25

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