There is of course the epic Top Gear episode where they went for the North Pole.

I came across this short youtube film on some driving the only "freeway" in Greenland. It seems you can drive on Greenland if you are not supported by a television network. Google maps don't show a road map.

So can I do a road-trip in Greenland and where do I need to go?

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Unfortunately no, according to Wikitravel.

There is no road or rail system. The easiest way to get around Greenland is by plane, particularly Air Greenland. In the summer, Arctic Umiaq Line passenger ships provide service to destinations between Narsarsuaq and Uummannaq along the west coast.

Of course, if you got a skidoo or dog sled, you could make your own way around ;)

Wikipedia actually has more information - Transport in Greenland

The transportation system in Greenland is very unusual in that Greenland has no railways, no inland waterways, and virtually no roads between towns.

It goes into further detail about the few roads that do exist:

There are 150 km (90 mi) of roads in the whole country; 60 km (40 mi) of the roads are paved. Two towns are connected by a 4.5 km road, Ivittuut and Kangilinnguit; the rest are isolated.


An Arctic Circle Road between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq is under consideration, and a 126 km long ATV track was completed in September 2021:

Map of Arctic Circle Road

You can probably drive it with a guided ATV tour.

The solid line is the ATV track. The dashed line is the Arctic Circle Trail, a popular hiking (trekking/backpacking) trail. Maybe you can even organise a one-way ATV tour and hike back?

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