May I know if I can travel to Brazil with US L1 visa. I hold an Indian passport. Do I need separate visa for Brazil or will L1 be suffice.

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    Brazil is not in the United States. Aug 6, 2016 at 6:22
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    There are very few situations in which having a visa for one country allows you to travel to another. Normally in a case like this, you should start by ignoring your existing visa and looking up the procedure for an Indian citizen to travel to Brazil, to see if a visa is needed. If there's a special exception for people with US visas, you will most likely see it mentioned along the way. Usually there isn't. Aug 6, 2016 at 7:08

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Brazil does require visas for Indian citizens, and U.S. visas are not sufficient.

This is not a ridiculous question, however, as many countries allow foreign nationals entry with U.S. visas. Mexico allows entry with only a U.S. visa, though they also issue Mexican visas, and Turkey allows evisa entry to nationals of all Arab League countries who hold a U.S. visa.

While it might seem patently obvious that Brazil is a separate country, and would therefore have separate visas, not all countries have the infrastructure to issue visas worldwide. Accepting U.S. visas in lieu of or in addition to border-issued visas is one strategy, since the U.S. personally interviews and screens nearly all visa applicants.

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