Me and my friend will be relocating to US. We will land at New York City JFK at about 8am and our destination is in Manhattan. I am aware of transportation options like Yellow Taxi, Uber, Metros. Since each of us will have three 23kg bags (L+W+H is 165 cm):

I am wondering what is the most economical and comfortable way to travel. Whether Yellow Taxi can even fit these bags along with two passengers? Or he will charge extra?


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With that much luggage, the train or the subway isn't really practical; there's just no way to carry that much and lug the bags up/down steps and escalators.

I'd probably just take a taxi. It's a flat rate, so you know what you're getting into, where Uber will charge you partially based on time, with an additional charge for a large vehicle. As Michael Hampton says, it is $52+tolls+tip from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan (so plan closer to $65 or so). When you get to the taxi rank at the airport, there will be an attendant there in charge of the line. Show the attendant your large amount of luggage; they'll either make sure you can squeeze it all into a standard cab or make sure you get one of the larger vans. There's no extra charge for luggage.

Expect significant traffic at that time of day. Google Maps estimates between 0:55-1:55 from JFK to Midtown leaving at 8:30am on a weekday (I would expect the higher end end of that range).

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    1:55 at 8:30 am is a better estimate
    – Karlson
    Aug 4, 2016 at 5:27
  • If this is a weekday then @Karlson is right. Expect a 2 hour trip to your location. You may be lucky and get there in an 1:45. :-)
    – Mayo
    Aug 4, 2016 at 13:14
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    I arrived there with a large sports luggage. The taxi rank attendant have a good understanding about sizes and flags down a larger cab via radio (He might just ask you to wait next to the line till 'your' cab arrives) Feb 9, 2018 at 17:51

Generally speaking your best solution with the amount of luggage you're carrying is to use a Taxi or an Uber. You can try to get your luggage to Airtran and then to the Subway (either E or an A train) but you have to figure out how you can 6 bags up and down the escalators and/or stairs.

For the Taxi the situation is simple. At every taxi stand in JFK there is a dispatcher, which may simply call up a minivan or an SUV cab for you so you can fit all your belongings.

The fee for Taxi is $52 plus tolls, tips, and possible other surcharges (see the linked page)

Uber will probably run you higher for the SUV or a Black Car but you can look at that option too. I can't seem to get an estimate for that. UberPool estimates $35 but I don't think you can share a ride to get that rate.

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