I would like to invite my friend who is a Nigerian living in Italy and holding a Italian residency (permesso di soggiorno) to visit me in USA. Can an Italian resident (permesso di soggiorno) obtain a tourist visa to travel to USA? What if he is not working? I would be the one sponsoring his trip. Would he be allowed to visit?


He can apply, having a job is not a requirement.

But he is not in a good position to get a visa. Several points, not all will weigh as strongly, but there might be more still.

  • He is a single male, who has left his home country for a lenghty stay abroad;
  • This amplifies that he may have no or few ties back home to return to;
  • He is coming from a country with a tradition of visa abuse, thus making it harder for the genuine people to get visa;
  • He is not leading an independent life... he does not have the resources to sponsor himself. This heightens his risk profile.

I do not say that he is/will do any of these things, it is what the people granting visa will see and fear.


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