My wife and I are traveling to Prague this weekend. I'm normally good with public transit, but this time around, we'll be dragging luggage, and I see that from the airport to our hotel, it's a bus to the metro, and I'm not looking forward to that after a long overnight flight.

I see that Uber operates in Prague, but I've seen suggestions that that's more in the city center and might not be reliable at the airport. So, questions:

  1. Is Uber reliable at the airport?
  2. Where do they pick up? With ground transport / buses? With taxis? Somewhere else?
  • Move the pointer to Prague's airport in Uber app, see how many cars available and the estimate time. That's the best bet.. Jul 23, 2016 at 17:44

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  1. I've found that they're reliable during the day but can be problematic (no cars available) after midnight. In that case I recommend using their local equivalent Liftago - as of 2019 they're slightly cheaper than Uber and their app is on par with Uber's.
  2. In Terminal 1 they pick up from the parking lot P1 outside the arrivals hall. In Terminal 2 they pick up from outside the departures hall.

The app will tell you where you'll be picked up once you select the airport as your location:

enter image description here

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