Slovenian Railways run a car-transport train service from Most na Soči to Bohinjska Bistrica, called Motorail. This lets you skip a lot of driving around the hills, and is reportedly a fun journey through interesting valleys in itself.

However, as the English language page says simply to buy tickets on the train, I was wondering how likley it is if I arrive the required 10 minutes before departure that I will atually get on the train, or if it might be full. I'm planning on doing this for the 10:35 departure on a high-season (July) Saturday, if that makes any difference.


Well, I can't provide a general answer (so anyone who lives locally or otherwise knows better should still answer), however I can provide a single experience:

Arriving almost exactly 30 minutes before scheduled departure, we were the last vehicle to be permitted to board the train. Some 6-10 cars were turned away, and presumably made the drive over the mountain passes themselves. This may not be typically however, because there was a wedding party travelling on the train, taking at least a mini-coach as well as 10+ private cars. Of course, it is also possible there is a wedding party doing this every weekend in the summer. No vehicles attempted to board at Podbrdo, but then non would have been able to either.

Useful observations for future travellers

  • what with the queueing, then the fairly lengthy boarding process for cars, I'm not sure how much time is saved between driving over the pass to Bohinj
  • Most na Soči station is not actually in Most na Soči. It's a little bit futher down the Idrica river, across the river from the main road.
  • Most na Soči is situated on an amazing coloured lake. If you have time, stop for breakfast or a coffee there.

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