Yesterday I arrived at Heathrow terminal 4 and waited 2:30 in line for immigration. I noticed that there was corridor which said "transfer to terminals 2/3" (I'm guessing for flight transfers). While in line I was wondering if it's possible to transfer to another terminal and go through immigration there. I assumed that it couldn't get any worse than the line I was in.

Edit: I had only hand luggage.

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No you don't. You can transfer to other terminals and exit there. However, you must be travelling with hand luggage only, otherwise you will have to return to the original terminal land-side to collect your luggage, which would be difficult as you would need to get past customs to collect it.

Here's an explanatory post on flytalk.

One of the quirks of the airside transfer buses and the flight connection areas in each terminal is that you can arrive on an INT flight at T5 but cross the UK border at another terminal. In fact you can also do this in reverse, so arrive on an INT at T3 for example, and cross the UK border at T5. Whilst this is not really recommended normally, you may wish to do this if you have your car or left luggage at another terminal or you find the UK border at the terminal you arrive at to be very busy.

  • If you have hand luggage only then it should be no problem.
    – Berwyn
    Jul 19, 2016 at 8:02

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