I saw this video recently on YouTube titled 'World's Largest Rope Swing' and this seems to have been shot with a custom rig set up just for the purposes of this video in Moab, Utah. What I want to know is whether any company offers this commercially at the same place, or failing which, elsewhere in the US.

To limit the scope, I specifically want to limit it to experiences as extreme as this (at least a 20 second swing, as the behind-the-scenes video states).

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Well the largest swing in the world is the Ben Nevis Swing in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The stats:

Swing Stats:

  • The World's Biggest Swing
  • 300metre Arc
  • 120m rope length (That's longer than a rugby field!)
  • 160m above the river
  • Swing options: Forwards, Backwards, Tandem, truck'n trailer, 69, back2back, Honeymoon & much more.
  • Release options: Leave it up to the Ops Crew, let your mates take charge and use the remote or release yourself!

So if that doesn't meet your requirements, then you're probably going to have to rely on once-off custom swings like the one you mentioned.

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