I would like a route where I won't have to keep stopping to ask for directions, as happened to me last year with the standard Rte 81 Rte 3 approach. Also, I don't like extremely twisty-turny routes. I'd like to find a route that is reasonably quick and fairly easy driving.

I am considering this alternate route: I-90, NY-365, NY-8. Recommendations?

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    Welcome! Just a heads up - phrases like 'best' and 'opinions' tend to be red alerts on travel.se as the help center forbids soliciting subjective viewpoints. It might be best to reword it for 'least twisty-turny route' or 'fastest route' or whatever objective measurement you're after, or it's likely to get closed as opinion-based :/
    – Mark Mayo
    Jul 17, 2016 at 12:57
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    @MarkMayo - Heeded your helpful advice and did some editing. Jul 17, 2016 at 13:06

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If you don't have a navigator in the car or a Smartphone where you can launch Google Maps, Waze, and a whole bunch of other possible software, then consider this:

The clearest way to get to Lake Placid is from I-87, where you take an exit toward Lake Placid which would be NY-73 and stay on it until you hit downtown Lake Placid.

Problem with that route is that it is taking you a long way around the Adirondacks from Syracuse to Albany and then north toward Lake Placid but you don't have to drive through back woods of Adirondacks to get there.

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