I will stay for a week or more in Seoul, and want to get a local SIM in my iPhone. As far as I know, there don't seem to exist any carriers that enable tethering, as it is not mentioned there (but it was in other countries' page like Hong Kong).

Also, it seems that the regulation is too strict in South Korea for a traveler to get local SIM working. Is tethering allowed for a traveler or only for a local citizen, or not allowed for both?

I want to use tethering from my iPhone to MacBook; 4G/LTE is a must; unlimited data plan and no speed cap or suspension for excessive use is highly appreciated.

Please don't consider getting through Wi-Fi only even if Seoul is filled with great public Wi-Fi; it's my inquisitiveness of trying the best network in the world, too!

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I tried it in my recent trip to Seoul. You can buy the SIM card from KT olleh and use it for tethering. I asked the staff at counter if I can use tethering, and she kindly replied "Yes".

And now I'm writing this answer on my MacBook via tethering. It's 4G/LTE, unlimited, and likely no speed cap or restriction, but for me it seems a bit slow, but OK.

By the way, the linked page says the following but it is NOT correct:

SIM card rental

They rent out a data-only prepaid SIM and a general prepaid SIM with voice and data. Both SIMs include "unrestricted" data use during the rental period. You need to link your credit card and in case of loss ₩ 10,000 will be charged. Remember, you need to give or sent back their SIM. Rental rates for both SIM cards are:

for 5 days: ₩ 25,000

for 10 days: ₩ 35,000

for 30 days: ₩ 65,000

Actually, only prepaid SIM with voice and data is a rental type. Data-only SIM is purchasable and doesn't need to be returned. I purchased the data-only SIM. The price is the same for both cards, for your information.

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