Disclaimer: I am not advocating or planning on breaking any traffic laws, lots of fun can be had within these limits.

As an Initial D fan, I would like to do a roadtrip to the various mountain passes featured in the manga and anime series, which are mostly located around the Kanto region.

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I already went to a few passes using a rented Suzuki Swift, but it's power and handling are less than stellar, hence why I'm looking for more "fun" vehicles.

Where can I rent 90's sports cars in Japan?

I would like to rent a car for about a week. Price is not much of a problem.

(I don't want to specify an age limit, but any answer that allows a 22 year old to rent cars gets my thanks.)

Note: by "90's sports cars", I mean Japanese cars like the Nissan R-32 GTR, Mazda RX-7 FD (or FC), Honda NSX, Toyota MR2 or Toyota AE86, etc.

  • Found the current GT-R//
    – Karlson
    Jul 12, 2016 at 22:21

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Try an exotics rental agency, like Omoshiro Rent-A-Car, omoshiroi being Japanese for "interesting". For example, their Chiba (Narita Airport) outlet has a bunch of interesting cars on offer, including a Toyota AE86, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota MR-S, Toyota 86G, etc. (Note: there are multiple pages of listings, click on the little "次へ>>" to go to the next page.) The listings do not include model years, and obviously most of their cars are much newer than the 90's, but they do have a number of vintage options as well. Prices start from around ¥10,000/day.


On the other side of Tokyo, near Hakone and Mt. Fuji, there is Fun2Drive which has a nice chart showing make/models available, along with recommended touring routes. Prices range from 5000-12000 yen for the first 90 minutes, depending on the car and duration

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