I am a Indian national currently residing in the US with a valid F-1 visa. I am interested in travelling to Peru for a trip. Would I need a tourist visa? Their embassy website does not give a clear picture of this.

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Yes you need a tourist visa, visa requirements are tied to your citizenship and not any residence status in a third country. India is on the list of countries that are required to obtain a visa before travelling to Peru, according to the Peruvian consulate in San Francisco.

You can find the requirements for obtaining a Peruvian tourist visa on their website.


As of March 2017, any Indian national with a valid visa from United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or any Schengen State, can visit Perú visa-free [1][2].

I visited the country last month. Both me and my wife have a Canadian tourist and US work visa, immigration officer checked my US visa and my wife's Canadian visa.

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