In Mongolia, what is meant by a jeep?

I assume it is referring to a general type of vehicle, not the US car brand, as Lonely Planet refers to Russian made jeeps at one point. Is it merely a four wheel drive or sports utility vehicle, or something different?

  • What native English speakers think of when they use the generic word "jeep" with a lowercase "j":

generic jeep

  • An example of the American brand "Jeep" with an uppercase "J":


  • Russian-made Lada and UAZ, both probably common in Mongolia and could be referred to as jeeps by some people:

Lada UAZ

  • Typical Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Mercedes 4X4's / 4WD's that some people might call "jeeps":

Land Rover Toyota Land Cruiser Mercedes Benz four-wheel drive

(All photos thanks to Wikimedia Commons)

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It's been a while for me since I was in Mongolia, but I'm quite sure that, in this context, 'jeep' still refers to anything that resembles a Jeep.

When I was in Mongolia, the most popular 'jeeps', specifically for touring the country, were Russian made UAZ 'jeeps'.

They tend to be quite similar to Jeeps. The kind I remember looked quite a bit like this.


"Jeep" originally referred to a small US Army scout vehicle built by Willys-Overland during WWII. More then 640,000 were produced and they were immensely popular with all Allied armies for their sturdiness, simplicity, and reliability.

Since then, "Jeep" has been simultaneously a brand name (of both military and commercial vehicles) that changed hands from Willys-Overland to Kaiser to American Motors to Chrysler and now Fiat, and a generic name for any small or medium-sized 4-wheel-drive on-/off-road vehicle, especially one with a soft top or a removable hard-top, regardless of make or country of origin.

This is more of english.SE question than a travel.SE one, but there you go. You can read the Wikipedia article here, but really nothing captures the spirit of the Jeep better than the famous Bill Mauldin cartoon.

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    This answer would be good if the question was asked in English.SE, but here, it does not answer the question. Jeep has a different meaning in some countries. In the philippines for example it means this local transportation long car, in some arab countries it means a "SUV".. I am sure in Mongolia it means something else, regardless of the origin of the word in English. Jul 9, 2016 at 7:12

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