I'm hoping to make a road trip in Spain in August. Since I'll be driving alot, I want to minimize what I pay for the car rental.

Is there any better option than getting a car from a rent-a-car? Does something like Airbnb for cars exist?

Any super cheap rent-a-cars in Spain that aren't listed in popular travel booking sites?



Well I came back from the trip and have found some answers:

As stated in a comment, BlaBlaCar is super popular in Spain. I found that sometimes it's not cheaper than a bus or train, but probably more convenient.

Also Drivy exists, which is a service in which people rent their cars. I didn't actually use it since I read that they only accept EU drivers licenses (unconfirmed though)

  • I was in Spain last year and spent less than 200 EU renting a vehicle for a whole week from a rental place. The deal came through Ryanair. You can probably find it cheaper if you carry your own insurance as offered by certain credit cards, or even your own car's insurance company.
    – David
    Oct 4 '16 at 20:04

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