I just arrived in Riga (B gates, Air Baltic area) and have walked around the terminal a bit without seeing any plug sockets--a bit surprising, since the airport seems quite modern or at least recently renovated.

Are there any plug sockets in Riga Airport available to departing passengers? If so, where are they?

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There are a couple (literally: I saw 2) publicly accessible sockets in the primary B terminal, which is nice and modern but very crowded; both of the sockets I saw were in use, which isn't surprising because there were probably a couple hundred people in the terminal.

However, but there are many more sockets in the A terminal, which is older, dirty, and only has four gates, but was almost completely empty (I had my choice of 10 or so sockets close to seating).

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    As part of my "travel kit" I always bring a splitter and an extension cord. It's quite common at airports, hotels, and anywhere to not have enough plugs, or to have plugs that aren't close enough.
    – Eilon
    Commented Jul 1, 2016 at 16:17

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