So my friend is going to Russia, and has booked the train ticket from Finland to St Petersburg (for those following my earlier question, I convinced her NOT to enter Russia a day earlier).

However, there's the still the Train from Russia to Moldova, which leaves Russia around 23:00 (at Bryansk).

My question is: what would happen at the border if a Train is scheduled to leave Russia while the visa's valid according to the timetable, but is delayed?

This is important because it'll decide whether she'll Exit a day earlier or not.

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    Your friend is responsible for adhering to visa rules, short of a natural disaster. A delayed train is not an excuse.
    – JonathanReez
    Commented Jun 24, 2016 at 12:09

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This situation is hard to answer, as the trains has much more stable schedule rather than planes, so there are no such situations I can find about Russian railways. This could be two ways - the border officers would have a previous date stamps or not. If the train would be delayed and dates switched, your friend still has a trouble. But, again, this situation is no so probable as the trains in Moldova haven't been delayed recently.

However, in 2014 there was an accident on this train (link in Russian) and it has been delayed for a 6 hours. After that, before the accident results were fixed, trains were delayed up to 4 hours (link in Russian) on this route.

So, if your friend feels unlucky, she can use other options, but I think this is safe for she to use this train, as in case of emergency it will be easier to explain the visa date expiration.

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