It is my understanding that in Namibia, a license is required to use a CB radio (our use case is quite typical, a two-car journey across the country), as described on this website: http://www.qsl.net/oh2mcn/v51.htm. Is this information (and my understanding of it) correct? If so, are these procedures followed and enforced in practice, or is it a "dead" law?

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    The web page you linked only talks about obtaining a ham radio license. I saw nothing there about "CB" radio, or any other similar radio service. Jun 23, 2016 at 8:01

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The official licensing authority in Namibia is the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia. The The Namibian Comunications Commission appears to have been replaced in 2009.

The CRAN web site is awful and I can't find anything on it. Instead, I searched for sites linking or mentioning cran.na and found the Namibian Amateur Radio Centre saying:

Guest Licences for Radio Amateurs visiting Namibia

In Namibia, there is only one application form which applies for all kinds of spectrum users (from Commercial Broadcasting Service up to Citizen Band Service). This may seem unusual, but has been officially implemented by CRAN and thus has to be used also when applying for a guest licence.

The site provides a link with an application form.

You must attach a copy of your home licence and pay 60N$ (approx USD$4)

The cheapest way of paying your guest licence is in cash after your arrival in Namibia at the office of CRAN. Then your licence will be handed out directly to you. CRAN can send the licence to your contact person's P.O.Box in Namibia if you pay in advance via the expensive electronic banking or via your local contact person. The issued guest licence is valid for the complete calendar year.

I would recommend that you attempt to contact the site owners if you require further information.

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