I would like to travel to Cuba and I need a tourist card (visa). Right now I am a visitor for a few weeks in the UK and I will not return to my residence (EU) country before travelling for Cuba.

Can I apply for a visa while I am in the UK, although it is not my residence country?

  • Before you buy a tourist card, check with your airline. On certain flights, the cost of the tourist card is included in the ticket price and you will get the application form at check-in or while in flight. – Michael Hampton Jun 20 '16 at 3:40
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    Whats your citizenship? I got mine in Mexico while in transit enroute to Cuba. NZ Citizen. – Mark Mayo Aug 18 '16 at 9:30

Many airlines sell tourist cards when you check in. Normally costs around 20 USD or so and gives you simple paper with 2 identical sides. At immigration they tear one of and keep other one is for you to keep until departure. Call airline and ask if they offer them on aircraft.

I was flying with Cayman Airways. They sold them at check in

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