I am just curious if last minute hotel deals is actually a thing. I am not a big traveler and have no clue.

But in theory if a hotel has a bunch of empty rooms for the current day, it would make sense to rent them at a reduced rate as opposed to letting them be empty.

Is this actually a thing that could be leveraged?

I am going on a road trip, and the last leg of the trip could take many variations on a moments notice and was wondering if this is something I could take advantage of.

  • Sure, many businesses and "startups" completely cover this business space.
    – Fattie
    Jun 13, 2016 at 12:05

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It is, in fact, a thing.

One source is the app Hotel Tonight, which works with hotels to post last-minute room availability. Your success will vary a lot depending on the city, season, and events going on, but it's worth looking to see what you can find.


So as mentioned in the other answer, you have Hotel Tonight and then there is also Very Last Room.

Then another way to obtain last minute rates is to directly reach out to the hotel and ask them for a last minute discount. Some will deny and some will be happy to offer this to you...

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