I am planning a trip to Chile and live in The Netherlands. I would love to cross the ocean by boat instead of flying there. I already checked the option to go by cargo boat, but it is quite expensive. I also browsed sites for private boats who need crew, but it seems impossible to find out where they want to go and when. I do have sailing experience, but not on the sea. I am sure that I can be useful on board. I do not mind arriving at another part of Latin-America. I can travel on land to Chile. Does anybody have tips to make my dreamtrip become reality? Crossing the ocean by boat from Europe to Latin-America that is. Is november a possible timing for crossing by sea anyway? If October or December are better months, I do not mind at all.


There is a number of sites where captains and passengers can make a match for a given boat trip:

  • Find a crew: recreational, professional, commercial
  • Desperate sailors
  • 7Knots
  • The float plan: you can find new crew members, find boats to sail on and ask fellow sailors for advice and tips.
  • Latitude 38
  • Crewseekers: We have a wide variety of exciting yacht crew opportunities available worldwide, from daysailing to transocean – for all experience levels.

Since November is almost over I cannot tell if you'd have found anything relevant here. However, a quick browse over these sites revealed quite a lot of opportunities.

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