I'm wondering if an easy street-side bike-share option is available in New Orleans, in Autumn this year. If so, what's it called and where can I find more info such as pick-up/drop-off locations, availability & costs?

Examples include NYC's Citi Bike, Chicago's Divvy, or Boston's Hubway.

  • Welcome to TSE. One of the expectations of StackExchange is that you demonstrate your initial attempts at research (such as a web search). The short answer is that New Orleans does not have a bikeshare; the city only released an RFP in April of this year. nola.gov/mayor/press-releases/2016/…
    – choster
    Commented Jun 8, 2016 at 18:02

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Not yet. The City has put out for bid a 700 bike system with initial plans to open in 2017 and work is underway to make that happen, including a recently completed "preview" with 35 bikes.

There are, of course, bike rental options available in the meantime.


No, there is no single system like CitiBike in NYC for New Orleans, but they have plenty single bike shops for short rentals. I've seen a lot close to Mississippi and in French Quarter. Anywhere around $30-50/day.

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