The Settebello was a high-speed (for the time) service on the Milan-Rome line. It used highly distinctive trainsets, with an observation lounge at each end of the train.

Is there anywhere (e.g. some rail museum) where I could see one of these trains (ideally being able to go inside)?

  • Wow - just wow! Say, on the wiki. article, a train enthusiast (he has a link, name etc) provided the picture of a "restored" set. perhaps if contacted that guy would know where the restored set exists? – Fattie Jun 7 '16 at 13:34
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    @JoeBlow Your comment comes across as unnecessarily abrasive. I, for one, would be much more likely to post a question on a public forum rather than bother some specific person whom I don't know. Also, the photos you refer to were taken 13 years ago, and are of the same unit pictured vandalized in Hobbes's answer. – David Richerby Jun 7 '16 at 14:32

Only one of the ETR.300 Settebello trainsets survives. ETR.302 is stored at Falconara Marittima station, a few km north of Ancona.

It's in a very bad state and you can't get inside.
Sette not so bello

The blog post dates from January 2016.

The train has already been cannibalized, and some of its interior was replaced in the '90s so it's not in its original state anyway.

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    What a crime, for those who left it there and those who vandalised it! – Berwyn Jun 7 '16 at 13:50

I'm no train expert, but it seems the Settebello term is just applied to the ETR-300 series of trains. As Hobbes points out, it doesn't seem like any of these are left. The best I could come up with is a model at the Pietrarsa museum. However, on researching the Settebello there is a series-250 called the Arlecchino which does have a model in service. A recent post shows some photos of the train for comparison.

enter image description here

Some photos of both series available here and various videos on youtube.

2016 link indicating train is in service.

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