I am planning to stay at my cosuin's place in London, they are not sponsoring my trip we just will be staying with them for period of 10 days. What all documents are required by them apart from Invitation letter, electricity bill and office visiting card?

I mean to say, what documents from my cousin are required by me with invitation letter that I need to submit to obtain visitor's visa?

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    Maybe relevant: gov.uk/government/publications/… – A E May 20 '16 at 9:42
  • @AE, that's the answer to this, and many other similar questions. I suggest wrapping some verbiage around it and posting it as a canonical answer. – Gayot Fow May 20 '16 at 10:47

You need to submit your cousin's residency proof in London (indefinite or eu passport). If she is the owner, then property ownership and if she has rented, then rental agreement. Also, if a renter, permission from the property owner/management company that you have permission to stay. Utility bills under her or his name. Letter from her preferably undertaking that she will provide you a place during your stay there.

Apart from this, if your cousin is sponsoring you also you need to submit his/her proof of employment and bank statements.

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