So I got a temporary I-551 stamp on my passport after my two-year conditional green card has expired. Now, if I renew my passport (get a new passport and void the old one), will the stamp on the old passport still be valid?

I know that for visas, USCIS says you are fine as long as you have both the new and old passports. But does the same goes for I-551 stamp? Thanks.

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Anecdotal evidence shows that similar conditions also apply to an I-551 on an expired passport:


It is common practice to have a valid visa or other stamp in an expired passport and to have a valid passport.


A cancelled passport doesn't matter as long as the stamp is valid and unexpired.

In some cases, although from other source this appears to be very much an exception, sometimes the I-551 will be stamped on an already expired passport:


NOTE: If you present an expired passport the USCIS will stamp it; however, it will not be acceptable for employment verification purposes.


You can get your green card with the expired passport. As my colleague just stated, you should bring the passport, your visa, and your I-94 card with you to your interview with the immigration officer. If you are approved at the interview, the officer can give you a stamp in your passport (called an I-551 stamp) to show that you have a green card while you wait for the actual card to come in the mail. In my experience, officers will put these stamps in expired passports so that you can show proof of status while you wait.

Hopefully someone can come along with a more definitive answer, but in the meantime you can at least have the results from a little google searching...

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