I am travelling on business to Copenhagen at the end of the month and will visit Odense as well. I am planning to reach Odense by train and therefore want to purchase the train tickets online beforehand and print them as soon as I get to Copenhagen. I would also like to book my seat in advance with a table in front of it.

I have visited several sites where they let you purchase the tickets but courier them out to you or give you the option to purchase them through your smartphone.


I am not sure which sites you have tried, but if you buy your ticket directly from the Danish Railways, you seem to get everything you want:

  • If you order a seat reservation, you can also select exactly which seat you want. You will be shown a drawing of the carriage, so that you can see where the tables are and which seats are free.

  • You can have the ticket sent to an e-mail address, or also get a reservation code to pickup your ticket at a DSB ticket counter or one of their ticket machines in Copenhagen.


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