I am a Kenyan citizen and my US visas expired in December 2015. I was going back home to Kenya through London, and at Boston Logan airport I was refused to be allowed to board the plane as they said I can't transit through London with an expired US visa. I am going back home to Kenya to get them renewed, so what countries can I transit through now that London is out? I need to travel as soon as possible and really don't know what to do.

  • You are actually supposed to be able to transit through London with an expired US visa if you're returning from the US. Maybe there is a time limit on the expiration, though. Direct flights from the US to Kenya are also expected to begin soon. – phoog May 10 '16 at 0:47
  • You can only transit through the UK if you entered the US on a valid visa less than six months ago. Had this discussion with BA. See here: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/34106/… – DJClayworth May 10 '16 at 0:50
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    You can also fly direct from the US to Addis Ababa, where Kenyan citizens do not require a visa. – phoog May 10 '16 at 18:13

One option might be to transit through Dubai. From Visa policy of the United Arab Emirates:

Passengers on all international airlines may enter the United Arab Emirates for 96 hours after obtaining a transit visa at the airport. The time difference between the two flights must be over 8 hours and the passenger must continue to a third destination. Passengers also must have a hotel booking. 1

There are direct flights from Boston to Dubai, and from Dubai to Nairobi.

  • Emirates is what everyone is suggesting, so is it assured that i can take a flight from boston to dubai and then nairobi from there without any issues? – miral patel May 11 '16 at 17:38
  • @miralpatel: We can't guarantee success. However, Dubai has a fairly relaxed transit visa policy. From the information I can find (eg. emirates.com/english/plan_book/essential_information/…) it looks like there is either TWOV where you don't leave the airport, or a short term visitor visa which requires a hotel. In your situation I would book through a travel agent and ask them to help confirm your eligibility. – Greg Hewgill May 11 '16 at 17:48

Turkey also lets people transit through without a previously arranged visa.

  • So something like a turkish airlines should work well right, like from boston to turkey and from there to nairobi? – miral patel May 10 '16 at 15:34
  • I've had friends in your situation do that. – DJClayworth May 10 '16 at 15:35

You can transit through the Schengen area without a visa provided you don't need to change airports. There are several possible itineraries which transit through various points in Schengen.

You can also transit through Doha, Qatar (ask BA if they can book this for you because it's on an alliance partner Qatar Airways); Dubai, UAE; Istanbul, Turkey; and almost anywhere else except the UK.

  • Thank You but i was confused which countries or cities fall in the Schengen, so does it include places like amsterdam and frankfurt? – miral patel May 10 '16 at 15:35
  • @fkraiem sorry, thanks for catching me in my confusion. Comment deleted. – phoog May 10 '16 at 18:27
  • SO UAE shouldn't cause any trouble with my expired US visa? @phoog I am a Kenyan Citizen(i have dual citizenship with India) but yeah kenyan passport with expired US visa – miral patel May 10 '16 at 18:27
  • @phoog nvm u just answered it – miral patel May 10 '16 at 18:28
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    @miralpatel Yes, this includes Amsterdam and Frankfurt. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schengen_Area – fkraiem May 10 '16 at 18:28

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