Please adivse in below queries.

I am a Indian, my husband is working in Singapore. Recently I came Singapore as a Social Visit(Tourist Visa) for One Month and sponsered by Singpore PR.

Question No:1 How many days my Visa Can renewal either One month or 2 months or more.

Question No: 2 After my revewal period is completed then I have to exit from Singapore? or can i visit any near by country and re-apply Social Visit(tourist visa) to Singapore. In this case, how many days I need to take gap for apply Visa again?

Many Thanks

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  1. A Singapore tourist visa can be extended by 30 days normally, or up to 89 days in special circumstances (family ties with a Singapore PR qualify). This can only be done once.

  2. There is no documented limit; however, it is not advisable to rely on this. Instead, apply for a Long-Term Social Visit Pass if you wish to stay with your husband for a longer period.

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