Can I carry a shoe protector spray in my checked luggage to USA. It says extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurised container. may burst if heated. 200ml

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    I assume you mean on a flight, rather than a bus or train? – Mark Mayo May 6 '16 at 9:50
  • Not if you want it to be there wity certainty at the other end or for your bag to travel with you with certainty. – Russell McMahon May 6 '16 at 12:30

No you cannot, not as checked (or carry on if it's more than 100ml).

From TSA's Prohibited Items page:

enter image description here

When hovering over the Carry-on, you get the following note:

(Less than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed)

Anyway, other organizations (including IATA) suggest similar policies as well, you can safely say this is a worldwide policy.

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    +1 for the answer. I would add that good sense tells to avoid carrying extremely flammable products in a plane, isn't it? :) – Olielo May 6 '16 at 13:51
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    @Olielo true, but not in all cases, I have seen cases where you start wondering about it... like when a passenger tried to bring gasoline with him in his carry-on and the reason was: it's cheaper here than back home.. – Nean Der Thal May 6 '16 at 13:55

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