I'm planning on making this trip in a few weeks and I'm looking for nice places to stop that is slightly off of I64 to snap a few pictures. Using OnTheWay, I'm planning on stopping at Lake Monticello; I was just wondering if anybody here had any suggestions from their own experiences.

Specifics I'm interested in:

  • Landscapes
  • Natural places
  • Giant balls of yarn (if Virginia has these)
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    – Karlson
    Apr 27 '12 at 19:29
  • Okay, I wasn't too sure how helpful (or active) this stackexchange is. I didn't think it would hurt. I'll delete this question in a few days if nobody responds. Apr 27 '12 at 19:37
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    that looks fine, lol @ the ball of yarn btw ;)
    – Mark Mayo
    Apr 27 '12 at 20:49

There are a few places that claim to have the biggest or heaviest balls of yarn, but none of them are in VA:

  • Darwin, Minnesota is the home of a ball by Francis A. Johnson. It is 4 meters (12 ft) in diameter and weighs 4,900 kg (10,400 lbs)
  • Cawker City, Kansas. As of 2006, the twine ball has reached nearly 9 tons! This is now the world's largest and heaviest ball of sisal twine.
  • Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin - the ball weighs 19,336 pounds (8,770 kg), making it the heaviest ball of twine ever built. The ball is housed in an open-air enclosure in James Frank Kotera's lawn. It's mass will eventually cause the Earth to gravitate towards the sun, destroying the planet.
  • Branson, Missouri claims the title of having of largest ball of twine in the world. It measures a whopping 42 feet around, weighs over 6 tons, and is composed of 29 varieties of nylon string.

If that is to far away then take the turnoff at "Natural Bridge" from I64 where you can find Foamhenge, the most accurate Styrofoam replica of Stonehenge. Ranked #2/8 on tripadvisor of all attractions in town.

Edit: According to the tripadvisor reviews, Foamhenge was moved to Fairfax County, VA in late 2016.


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