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Can someone point to a location, where this photograph was taken? It looks stunning!

This is one of lockscreen wallpapers in Windows 10.

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Lake Quill, New Zealand.

source: Microsoft Community

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    I love the MS representative's response: "It’s really unfortunate that you are facing this issue. But don't worry we will try to help you out." - Sounds like a canned response to me. That's funny. – DavidB May 4 '16 at 1:30
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    @DavidB: What is perplexing is that “1 person found this helpful”. – Emil Jeřábek May 4 '16 at 13:25
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    I think one of the other photos is in NZ too, looks like Cathedral Cove. – Crazymoomin Jul 28 '16 at 9:55

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