I live in Cyprus and have extra bedrooms for renting out, which I do occasionally but not often enough to make serious income. The income for poor people here is 480 euro/month, which is not as high as in UK but the climate conditions and other elements are far better (sun, sea, weather, etc). I assume maybe some people want to voluntarily cancel their 'on the dole' benefits in UK, and make a new start abroad but are impeded by high cost of relocation. I seek for a way to relocate to UK and allow a UK person to cheaply relocated to EU part of Cyprus. This means that they (and me) must voluntarily say goodbye to benefits because we essentially immigrate.

Edit by Gayot: "on the dole" = informal English meaning registered as unemployed and receiving benefit from the government. Or otherwise receiving welfare.


I'd suggest my site, ExchangeMouse where you can search among all 60+ home exchange websites, and find matches for a Cyprus-UK home swap. There is an option for long term exchanges, a "few months" is regarded such.

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