I'm flying into the Schiphol. I know the rules regarding fruits, they can be found here: http://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/bldcontentnl/belastingdienst/prive/douane/wat_mag_niet_zomaar_in_uitvoeren/planten_bloemen/planten_bloemen_groenten_en_fruit_fytosanitaire_producten.

It says that 5 kg fruit can be taken if it is not a big risk for spreading dangerous organisms, it is for personal use etc. I think I'm fine on all points, except the first one which I cannot asses. I cannot find if I have to declare them, though. Do I? If so, how?

If it matters: I will be taking 3 mangos from China.

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In another document, http://reizen-en-recreatie.infonu.nl/diversen/60730-douane-nederland-aangifte-doen.html , it says, emphasis mine:

In de artikelen Douanebepalingen Nederland en Douanebepalingen Nederland, bijzondere goederen staat precies beschreven wat u Nederland mee in mag nemen zonder aangifte te hoeven doen.

Or in English,

The articles "Customs regulations Netherlands" and "Customs regulations Netherlands, special goods" describe exactly what you are allowed to take with you into the Netherlands without having to declare.

The second of those documents has another description of those rules about fruit.

So a few fruits for personal use are allowed, and you don't have to declare them. They're treated exactly like everything else that you're allowed to just bring with you.

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