Is there a publicly available register of industrial actions at European airports?

I actually need recent historical data to claim compensation for a cancelled flight. I want to verify the airline's explanation that the cancellation was due to strike and thus does not qualify under EU rules for compensation.

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    In what place was the (alleged) strike? It seems you are asking for a comprehensive list where a single newspaper report about a specific occurrance might suffice. – O. R. Mapper Apr 26 '16 at 16:24
  • London City Airport, 9 April 2016. I did not ask for a specific piece of information because I was afraid of breaking some Stack Exchange rule which prohibits questions of limited interests, or whatever. You never know. – quant_dev Apr 26 '16 at 19:41

There doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list of airport strikes, because:

  • There isn't a centralized union for airport employees in Europe
  • Different parts of the airport can go on strike: baggage handlers, security, pilots, traffic controllers, taxi drivers, cleaning personnel, etc
  • The level of disruption is highly variable: not every strike causes a full shutdown
  • There are frequent threats to go on strike, but these threats are not always carried out for one reason or another

Therefore your best bet is to search Google News for strikes at a specific airport, or try the airport's official website.

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